Nashville Notes Homeschool Music Association

Rehearsal Schedule & Info

        The staff at Nashville Notes will try to accommodate every student’s choice regarding ensembles and classes.  However, due to space and other restrictions, there are enrollment limitations.  As registrations come in and waiting lists grow, we will determine whether or not it’s possible to schedule additional classes.  The schedule will reflect those additions if and when they occur, and those on a waiting list will be personally notified via email.

2015-16 Simplified Schedule

2015-16 Expanded Schedule

2015-16 HANDBOOK


Required Band Books

  • Beginner Band: Band Expressions Book 1
  • Intermediate Band: Essential Elements 2000 Book 2
  • Advanced Band: Foundations for Superior Performance
  • Jazz Band: TBD
  • Drumline:  Stick Control for the Snare Drummer
  • Percussion Ensemble 1:   A Fresh Approach to Mallet Percussion by Mark Wessels
  • Percussion Ensemble 2:  Primary Handbook for Mallets by Garwood Whaley

Required String Orchestra Books

  • Beginner Strings:  Essential Elements 2000 for Strings Book 1
  • Intermediate Strings:  Sound Innovations for String Orchestra Book 2
  • Advanced Strings:  Sound Innovations for String Orchestra, Sound Development, Intermediate String Orchestra

All books are instrument specific.

Rehearsal Location

Grassland Heights Baptist Church, 2316 Hillsboro Rd., Franklin, TN  37069

Rehearsal Schedule  –  every Tuesday beginning Sept. 1st

Instrumental musicians need to arrive 15 before their rehearsal time.  Each student needs to bring their instrument, folding music stand, pencil, and supplied music with folder. Please write your student’s name on their music stand, music folder, and book.