Our Hope for Spring 2021

Nashville Notes' mission has always been to provide music and arts education, through many different types of ensembles.  While the current situation does not allow us to fulfill that in every area our hearts desire, we still hope that the spring will be different.  We are optimistically hoping that Crievewood will be able to reopen and we’ll be able to resume rehearsals and classes the 2nd semesterPlease join us in praying for our communities, city, state, and nation.  We will be reevaluating as the 2020 year continues and starting registrations for the spring 2021 semester around December/January. 

The spring semester is scheduled for February 2 - May 11th. Please hold that full 2nd week of May open on your calendar as we plan for concerts. Although we may well still be living in a world with COVID-19 realities, we are hopeful that by then there will be a better understanding of the impacts and how to manage them safely.

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