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We're back to ONE Invoice per family!  No more keeping up with separate invoices for each student and writing separate checks!


What you can expect to see on your invoice(s):

- $60 Registration fee per student

- Ensemble/class fee(s) - These fees are listed on the individual class description documents.

All Payments are due by Dec. 19, 2020


Payment Options:

         - 1 check mailed to: Nashville Notes, PO Box 680102, Franklin, TN  37068

- PayPal (an additional 3.5% processing fee will be added)

- Zelle (check with your bank to see if that is a service they offer)

- If you would like a payment plan, email the bookkeeper at:


Q.  What happens if an ensemble can't meet due to sickness or other outside circumstance?

A.   Each class will clearly explain their Plan A and Plan B (and sometimes Plan C) for rehearsals. If NN is not able to offer any form of  instruction, you will be issued a refund for that week.  Refunds will be sent at the end of each quarter. 

Q.  If an ensemble has to shut down for a week(s), what do you recommend I do to keep my student active in their music?

A.  So glad you asked! ;)  We have amazing directors who also teach private lessons! We recommend you take the refund that NN will give and apply it towards a private lesson(s) for your student.  You can find instructors' emails on the website, on Charms, or on the blue Charms app.  (As always, our directors will keep in touch if there are weeks we can't meet. We won't be ghosting you!)

Q.  If the ensemble/class is still meeting, but my child can't attend that week, will I be issued a refund?

A.   No.  If the class or ensemble is being offered that week, in person or over zoom (per each class plan), payment is expected. Refunds will be issued for any ensembles/classes not meeting because NN has cancelled that week.

Fee Structure

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