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In this ensemble, students begin to systematically build upon the instrument foundations learned at camp and private lessons. They’ll be guided towards excellent fundamentals, aimed at laying a solid foundation which can be built on reliably and successfully! Rehearsal time will cover central issues like instrument care and maintenance, embouchure, articulation, successful practice habits, breathing, posture, reading pitches and rhythms, following a conductor, and development of tone. And of course, fun band music! Novice Band performs at Christmas and spring concerts.

                        Please see pgs. 13-14 in the Course Catalog for more details.

Novice Band 

Novice Band&Percussion

Welcome to our Select Bandthe next destination for students after meeting the standards covered in Novice Band and Percussion. In Select Band, students rehearse and perform alongside all of the families of instruments - brass, woodwinds, and percussion together in the standard "band" configuration! In this more diverse musical setting, they learn to balance their individual contributions by supporting an exciting, multi-faceted team. Students explore and learn more about what their particular instruments do in an ensemble and the characteristic roles of their particular instrument and others. Students routinely work from method books, and will also receive pieces across the semester.

In rehearsal, students are led through the challenges of the music, given focused pointers to practice at home, and encouraged towards personal responsibility and development all under the watchful eye of our esteemed and experienced conducting staff. All of these efforts culminate in a performance each semester that celebrates the students' hard work and development.

         Please see the Course Catalog for more details.

Select Band

Concert Band
Jazz Band

Jazz Band

This ensemble is designed to guide students in an exploration of jazz through both performance and research of its history, iconic compositions and performers.

Students gain familiarity and orientation in the rich history of jazz and its associated subgenres as they study and perform music from the rich library of the jazz tradition, from Louis Armstrong and New Orleans' "Second Line" to Miles Davis and the Birth of

the Cool, from big band swing to bebop, Cuban music, R&B and beyond! Our primary focus is on improvisation, as students learn to express themselves according to their imagination and unique musical voice. Students receive tools to train their ears and minds to realize and perform their own creative intentions as they work to cultivate an authentic jazz "voice", which means developing a personal and expressive tone, emphasizing rhythmic feel and timing, and studying transcriptions of great solos.

They also study popular song forms, including the 12 bar Blues format, and the 32 bar Great American popular song style. Advanced students can expect to be offered gigs outside of Nashville Notes regular concert programming.

     Please see the Course Catalog for more details.

Worship Band

Worship Band

Worship band is comprised of instrumentalists and vocalists, beginners to advanced, who are interested in learning about the special aspects of this unique type of ensemble. Students will be given instruction on how to know what to play, working together as a team, getting the right sound from their instrument, as well as training in leading others to participate and Biblical foundations of worship. Class time will be divided between instruction and practical application through participation. Many musical styles of worship will be explored during the semester giving opportunity for a wide variety of instrumentation and vocal participation. Students can expect to learn how to replicate existing songs, how to adapt song arrangements to fit different instrumentation, and how to lead others to participate. Students will participate in smaller ensembles as well as a large group.

     Please see the Course Catalog for more details.

Prelude Strings

Prelude Strings is a beginner orchestra for students ages 7 and up who have been playing violin, viola, cello, or double bass for a minimum of 2 months. We perform levels 1 and 2 works for strings that are designed to guide players through the fundamentals, develop their musicality, and foster ensemble-playing skills.Although this is ensemble is non-auditioned, there is a lot of intricate technique required when learning a stringed instrument, which is difficult to adequately address in a large group setting. Therefore, all students are required to take private lessons for a minimum of 2 months leading up to enrollment, and throughout their participation in Prelude Strings.

String Ensemble

String Ensemble

String Ensemble works on string orchestra pieces between levels 2 and 3.  There is a lot of intricate technique required when learning a stringed instrument, which is difficult to adequately address in a large group setting.  Therefore, all students are required to take private lessons. String Ensemble makes an excellent adjunct to lessons once a student reaches level 2 proficiency or higher.  Students at this level should be able to tune their own instrument.

     Please see the Course Catalog for more details and audition requirements.

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar 

Acoustic Guitar classes are 1 semester long with the option of continuing a second semester. Registration for the 2nd semester will be available Nov. 1st

This class will focus on the following: 

1. Tuning the Guitar in Standard Tuning

2. Learn basic open chords

3. Learn basic strumming techniques

4. Learn several songs

5. Learn how to play a  major scale and learn major scale formula

6. Play simple solos over chords

7. Learn how to read a chord chart

In addition to the concepts listed above, the instructor will review technique with each student every week. The focus on correct hand and finger positioning is critical to each guitarist’s development and progress.

    Please see the Course Catalog for more details.

Electric Guitar
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