In this ensemble, students learn the foundations of music and their instruments. This is achieved through sectional time with like instruments, full band rehearsal, and introductory instruction in musicianship and theory. 

Before enrolling in Beginner Band, students are required to have some basic instrumental skills, all of which are covered in the first 9 units of their band method book.   A few private lessons along with individual practice time will accomplish this.

     Please see the Course Catalog for more details.

Beginner Band


Concert Band is where music fundamentals are reinforced and more advanced concepts are introduced.  Students use a method book as well as individual band arrangements as they explore the exciting world of ensemble music.

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Concert Band


Symphonic Band

This band consists of students who are confidently playing their instruments and have conquered all the basics. We play a wide variety of music from classical to Broadway hits, hymns to marches, and everything in between. All other bands are made up of students from this ensemble such as Jazz Band and the seasonal Pep Band. This band has given many students the experience they need to launch into other musical endeavors including MTSBOA mid-state and all-state bands, Rally Day Honor Band, area orchestras, pit orchestras, the Nashville C.U.R.B. Orchestra, as well as others music organizations.

     Please see the Course Catalog for more details.


Jazz Band

This ensemble is designed to guide students in an exploration of jazz through both performance and research of it's history, iconic compositions and performers.  Students will gain familiarity and orientation in the rich history of jazz and its associated subgenres.    Advanced students can expect to be offered gigs outside of Nashville Notes regular concert programming.  

     Please see the Course Catalog for more details.


Beginner Percussion Class

The skills required to be a competent and proficient percussionist are many and varied.  In order to acquire these skills and musical knowledge, students will spend their class time focused on the fundamentals of mallets, sticking, and theory.  Before entering this class, students must be able to demonstrate proficient piano keyboard orientation.

     Please see the Course Catalog for more details.



By audition only. Drumline consists of snares, tenors, bass drums, cymbals, and all mallet instruments. This ensemble plays for football and basketball games. They have marched in the Franklin Christmas Parade for the past 4 years and are expected to participate again this year. The Drumline is also enjoyed by the Christmas band concert audience.

    Please see the Course Catalog for more details.


String Ensemble & Chamber Strings

By audition only. This advanced group learns and performs music with complex rhythms and key signatures. They play a variety of music, original and arranged compositions. Integrated music theory is also a part of this ensemble.

     Please see the Course Catalog for more details.

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