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Sponsor Nashville Notes

You are visiting this page because someone you know and love is a part of Nashville Notes and has asked you to consider making a Tax Deductible Donation to help support homeschool music education.

Sponsor a Folder

Sponsoring an ensemble folder ensures the highest quality education


Sponsor a Chair

Sponsoring an ensemble chair ensures the highest quality education


Image by Allec Gomes

Underwrite an Ensemble

There is nothing like being a part of a music ensemble. To hear the collective sound of focused effort and artistic interpretation resounding through the music hall as it falls upon the ears and stirs the heart of those who are lucky enough to be there to listen, underscores the power of music education. The opportunity to have this kind of experience, however, is diminishing and we need your help to stir the souls of those to come.


Nashville Notes has a proven history of over 25 years of serving the homeschool community of Middle Tennessee and beyond. When you underwrite an ensemble, you are helping to make the future a reality for those who want to hear it soar.

Image by Jens Thekkeveettil

Underwrite an Ensemble

Select Band - $7,500

Novice Band & Percussion - $5,500

Jazz Band - $3,500

Worship Band - $3,000

Percussion Ensemble - $3,000

Acoustic Guitar Class - $1,500

Joyful Harmony Choir - $5,500

Bridge Choir - $2,500

Grace Notes Choir + Music Foundations Track - $3,000

Praise Station Choir + Music Foundations Track - $3,000

Music Play - $2,000

Musicianship & Theory Classes - $2,600

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