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“I’m glad I homeschool, so I can be in Nashville Notes!”

NN student

Choir and band for homeschoolers in Tennessee

"The instructors effectively engage children with such a large developmental range. My six year old, eleven year old, thirteen year old, and sixteen year old all are eager to rise earlier on Tuesday mornings, and these two boys and two girls are achieving musical skills that we could never have provided them.”

NN Parent

“Being a part of Nashville Notes spurs on my kids not just to pursue musical skills but to pursue them at increasing depths.”


NN Parent

Band for homeschoolers in Nashville

“The dedicated Nashville Notes staff provide mentorship that allows the children to develop in personal ways and grow in leadership skills.”


NN Parent

"One of my favorite things about bringing my kids to Nashville Notes weekly is the sense of community we get to engage. As students, they get to connect with other children who have a love and desire to pursue a serious education in music knowledge, but also have that aspect of fun and camradarie that comes with sharing an experience. As parents, we get to see our kids grow in relationship, education and also get to connect with other families that desire to have Christ at the center of their home and their learning. It's a win-win. Plus, it's so affordable!

NN Parent

Band for homeschoolers in Tennessee
Homeschool choir in Nashville
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