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How do we get involved?
What's the process?

Ages 4-5 :  Music Play
Ages 6-7:   Grace Notes Choir & Music Foundations
Ages 8-9:   Praise Station Choir & Music Foundations
Ages 10-11:   Bridge Choir
(includes an additional 20 minute Musicianship & Theory class)
Ages 12-19:   Joyful Harmony Choir (includes an additional 20 minute Musicianship & Theory class)
These don't need any evaluation or audition....
Check out the Course Catalog for descriptions (pgs. 8-10, 20) and pricing on page 23).  Questions?   Call or email.   
No questions?  You're ready to start the registration process!

Does your child play an instrument or would like to?
Call 615-478-0850
or email

to discuss preparation and placement for the beginner, or placement for the experienced music student.
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