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5 Reasons Why Donating To The Arts Is Essential Now

While it’s always good to do good during the holiday season, this year, in particular, will have a much greater financial impact on many non-profits and charitable organizations around the world. Below are a list of 5 reasons why end of the year giving is essential this year, especially for the arts.


  1. Economies of Scale Have Been Disrupted: The nature of small non-profit organizations is that they serve to complete their mission without regard for making a profit. Most often programs are derived to offer services without cost or at the lowest price possible to keep money from becoming a barrier. Shut downs and restrictions have especially been hard on arts programs and any other kind of organization that requires gathering together, which have disrupted the economy of scale that are required to keep the doors open.

  2. Good at Serving Bad at Fundraising: Many small organizations are so driven by meeting their missional need that they often struggle with asking for money because they are either simply not motivated to do it by their nature or are just not very good at it. With many organizations suddenly finding themselves unprepared or ill-equipped to handle a financial blip, the need for community support from those who are good at finances is at an all time high.

  3. Need Is Up: With many of the negative side-effects of the pandemic still rising, the need for the services of many non-profits has never been greater. Arts programs provide much needed mental health, not only in the music itself, but also in having somewhere to go and people to interact with. Most of all, arts programs provide training in the therapeutic skill of processing feelings and emotions through self-expression.  

  4. Cash Flow To Bridge The Gap: Every business person knows that the promise of money tomorrow doesn’t pay the bills today. With need being up and restrictions lifting, many arts programs are poised for tremendous growth, however, the loss of income from rough days have many organizations struggling to keep the doors open long enough for the economies of scale to balance out their finances. 

  5. Support What You Love: Government budget allocations are ever changing and we have entered a time in history where individual people and industry will play a much larger role in what programs survive and thrive in the coming years. For example, while everyone many not enjoy the particular style that a music ensembles plays, the real value is that no matter the style of music being performed, the individuals are being trained in how to play their part, to listen to one another, and to work together to achieve a collective goal. Skills, that many would say are what our world desperately needs. 

Nashville Notes has been serving the homeschool community by providing access to affordable arts eduction for over 25 years. Help us continue our 501c3 non-profit mission by making a tax deductible donation below.

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