Fall 2020 Variations on a Theme

The unprecedented times we are living in have challenged us to restructure what a semester for Nashville Notes will look like this semester.  Many things have influenced us in our decisions, venue limitations, financial wellbeing of the organization, scientists focused on the effects of singing and playing musical instruments, local regulations, etc.  We've considered how these limitations would work in an organization that is group based, multiple ages, and family oriented.   The Variations on a Theme plan has been painfully thought out and planned by our directors, admin staff, and board of directors.   

Nashville Notes as we’ve known it for the past 25 years will be put on “pause” for the upcoming fall semester. We are optimistically hoping that Crievewood will be able to reopen and we’ll be able to resume rehearsals and classes the 2nd semester. Please hold that full 2nd week of May open on your calendar as we plan for concerts. Although we may well still be living in a world with COVID-19 realities, we are hopeful that by then there will be a better understanding of the impacts and how to manage them safely. Meanwhile, the prevailing question that has driven us in prayer and conversations amongst the staff is: “What CAN we do this coming fall??”


The answer to that question is filled with good news and bad news.


This is the heartbreaking one. After thoroughly exploring every possibility, it was decided that even if there was another possible location, every scenario leads to a sad ensemble musical experience, which would likely scar a young person’s idea of what it means to create music in community. We would rather keep their happy musical ensemble memory in tact, looking forward to the day when we can resume those activities. However, a class is a different look entirely. Pastor Bob will be offering virtual Music Foundation classes much like how last year ended. You can find out more about that by emailing him.



The ensembles that will be meeting (either in person, via zoom, or a mixture of both) are:

Beginner Band

Concert Band

Symphonic Band

Jazz Band

Intermediate Theory

Advanced Recorders

Joyful Harmony

Chamber Singers

Musical History Hall of Fame

There will be no IMT classes (Integrated Musicianship & Theory) for the full 2020-21 year.

If you cruised right on past the Musical History Hall of Fame and you have a student 13 or older, I strongly encourage you to go back and find out more! This is something we’ve wanted to offer for a long time and this semester is the perfect opportunity!  

Our "theme" this semester is all about making lemonade out of lemons!

Registration is open!

Step 1: Family Registration

Step 2: Student Registration (one per student)

Wait for email with instructions!

​ Class Questions? contact Sholeen 

Registration Questions: contact Meagan

Remember...this is just  for Fall of 2020!

(Spring semester will be reevaluated and hopefully we will be able to offer our other classes again!

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